Magnifying jewellery with SCHOTT fiber optics

Magnus II

Jewellery rings made with SCHOTT Fiber Optics Leached Image Bundle Taper Core, that magnifies any image it is put on and brings back the stylishness of reading gestures.

Magnus II and Magnus III both magnify 2x and are covered with a lightweight polished titanium shell, which encloses the Tapered Leached Fiber Image Bundle Core.
This core can also be called ”Mae West System Flexible Imagescope”.

Magnus I is a special edition/collection ring which magnifies three times and its fibre optic core is encased in the 24K gold shell that is blackened by the novel and rare Femtosecond Laser Blasting method.


In the image below on the left hand side are Fused Deposit Modeling bulk prototypes and on the right are 3D Printing bulk prototypes.