Is it a pea pod? Is it a snake?

It’s the MAJI stick!

An exercise tool for a holistically centred workout, available in the select gyms

It is a flow of pure water, and a way of achieving balance of mind and body.
It is made to be filled with water, so you can vary it’s weight.

“The Maji stick has been developed to be easy to handle, but its shape is also designed so that the water travels through it at different speeds, which adds to the tension and excitement of a movement while working the body at the same time.”

“When the user lifts and tilts the Maji stick, water runs through the convoluted shapes transmitting an amazingly naturalistic sound and feel to the user. Participants are working their body through an elemental experience.”

I am happy to pass on that AJAMBO adventure is finally available through and glad to say that I was involved in the concept creation and product development at Sprout Design Ltd.

Here is what the AJAMBO entrepreneur and amazingly energetic director, Omar, said:

Helena was involved from start to finish in creating the Maji stick for Ajambo. During that time she did more than just expected and took a real interest in the design that reached beyond the product domain.