Helena Nora Vitola-Jones is London based designer of Design Products, Services and Experiences, who works with Sustainable and Inclusive Product Design focus and enjoys a hands-on approach to problem-solving with a spark of ├Žsthetic.

 Some of the clients she has worked with include: Reckitt Benckiser, British Council, SCHOTT, Keep Cup, Craster, Ajambo, 4000rpm, Ecocamel, Leisure Brands, Sprout Design

Helena Nora started her career in 2003 as a freelance designer, working in graphic, interior and unique product design, collaborating with marketing companies, design studios and individual clients.

Central Saint Martins Product Design graduate; designer at Sprout Design Ltd, a Sustainable and Inclusive Product Design Consultancy, for more than 5 years. Now a Design Director of MEWS Agency and an aspiring Permaculture designer.

“I believe that the formula for great design is finding beautiful, harmless solutions that seamlessly answer well-formulated problems and nourish life.”