Available fromĀ https://beetbox.com.

Dishwasher safe, reusable, BPA-free and recyclable chopsticks we designed at Sprout Design.

The brief was to create an enticing alternative for disposable wooden chopsticks and spare the world’s forests from decimation.

Considering that only 4000 chopsticks can be created from a 20 year old tree, with 2 million and more being cut down every year for chopstick production (that’s 80 billion single-use chopsticks created each year!), alternatives are crying out to be used instead.

Our process involvedĀ deep understanding of the cultural and practical aspects of everyday chopstick usage to design concepts for both the hashi and the hashi-oki in form, materials and finishes.

We worked with Biome to explore bioplastics use and adaptation with a wood-flour filler from sterilised used chopsticks as well as other options that balance out the effects of mass-production.

A collection of Dittoki chopsticks in 6 colour schemes: Bright teal hashi with screaming pink hashi-oki; magenta hashi with fruit orange hashi-oki; black on black hashi with hashi-oki; juice green hashi with teal hashi-oki; cyan hashi with plum purple hashi-oki and white on white hashi with hashi-oki.