Data backed meditative state of art “In: fluence” coming up for this year’s TEDx in London.

The event takes place on the 19th of May 2018, 4pm – 10pm

In:fluence is an abstract documentation, a mood map of this TEDx London 2018 via art in flow and data science. Created by design innovator and artist Helena Nora Vitola-Jones and facilitated by the Thingitude IoT co-authored by Mark Stanley; Buggy Air pollution sensing kit and Hack The Senses expertise with Muse EEG headband. Documented by Donald Eke. Produced by Karlina Voitika.

“In: Fluence” will be a continuous performance throughout the event and is set up as an experiment:

“Does a flow of abstract mark-making correlate with charts produced by input from sensors simultaneously measuring the markmaker’s vitals and the immediate environment? “

At the end of the event we will have a collection of artefacts, both tech and art created to see if the correlation can be observed.


The preview of my markmaking can be seen here:

It has its roots in my love for specific qualities of materials and how they work together; the need for an active meditation – dance of the brush; awareness of the surroundings and me in it, as well as the drive to depict that which is unseen. I have found it to be on the same page as the automatic drawing developed by surrealists, asemic calligraphy or the notation that Tibetan buddhist monks use for depicting the sounds they use in meditation.

The material I am going to draw on for the TEDx performance is a run of organza silk on a scroll, with a Pentel calligraphy brush pen for the sake of continuity.