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Bright teal colour chopsticks resting on a screaming pink chopstick rest. Ditokki hashi resting on hashi-oki

Dittoki has launched!

Available from Dishwasher safe, reusable, BPA-free and recyclable chopsticks we designed at Sprout Design. The brief was to create an enticing alternative for disposable wooden chopsticks and spare…

Performing @ TEDx London


We have been researching working cultures and developing the offer of Micro Experiences for Working Spaces that would recharge the employee energy, provide a perspective, relax and refocus….

Delivering the undeliverable

Product Service System planning

This is the preview of the planning behind a complex project for our client at Sprout design, published with client’s agreement. I created this diagram to pinpoint where in…

We won the Hackathon!

The challenge was held in 3 places around the globe simultaneously: MIT Media lab in Cambridge, MA, Imperial College of London Hackspace in the UK and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology…

Body. Soul. Adventure.

Is it a pea pod? Is it a snake? No! It’s the MAJI stick! An exercise tool for a holistically centred workout, available in the select gyms It…