Helena Nora Vitola-Jones is London based designer of Design Products, Services and Experiences, who works with Sustainable and Inclusive Product Design focus, has a æsthetic spark and enjoys a hands-on approach to problem-solving.

 Some of the clients she has worked with include: Reckitt Benckiser, British Council, SCHOTT, Keep Cup, Craster, Ajambo, 4000rpm, Ecocamel, Leisure Brands, Sprout Design

Helena Nora started her career in 2003 as a freelance designer, working in graphic, interior and unique product design, collaborating with marketing companies, design studios and individual clients.

To enrich her horizons and deepen the skills and knowledge in Industrial Design, she moved to London to study Product Design in Central Saint Martins , winning the first place in D&AD Student Awards on a brief for a Design Council and later worked with Sprout Design Ltd, a Sustainable and Inclusive Product Design Consultancy, for more than 5 years. Influenced by her tutor Chris Lefteri, she developed a keen interest in materials, with an emphasis on technologies, new material applications and sustainable materials. This is still driving her curiosity together with Human factors, such as inclusivity, movement and personal as well as social mythologies investigated through Ethnographic and qualitative research methods.

“I believe that the formula for great design is finding beautiful, harmless solutions that seamlessly answer well-formulated problems and nourish life.”